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Name:Special Agent Seeley Joseph Booth
Location:Washington, Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
Brennan: They looked so happy.
Booth: Shoot yeah. They had a baby!
Brennan: Their whole lives have changed. You'd think they would be a little more apprehensive.
Booth: Well, you know, having a baby. That's a good thing.
Brennan: You really think that?
Booth: Yeah, it's a great thing. Why? What? Oh, come on, Bones. The baby is fine. He's healthy. They have a healthy baby, all right? They love each other. This is the happiest day of their lives, okay? What?
Brennan: I'm -- I'm pregnant. You're the father. [She watches as Booth smiles, and smiles back]

Seeley Booth is a former sniper in the United States Army who served in the 101st Airborne Division, the 75th Ranger Regiment, and the U.S. Army Special Forces. He is also an expert knife thrower. He is currently a special agent with the FBI. Before leaving the Army, Booth held the rank of Master Sergeant. He served in the Gulf War, Somalia and Kosovo. While in the military he earned a Bronze Star, National Defense Service Medal and the Army Good Conduct Medal. He also holds the record for the longest shot ("Well over a kilometer") made in combat. Booth frequently consults with his professional partner Dr. Brennan, whom he has nicknamed "Bones," and her team (he refers to them as "squints" or "squint squad"), acting as a liaison between the FBI and the Jeffersonian Institute. When it comes to solving crimes, Booth has a very different approach from Brennan and her team, preferring a more human, interpersonal and intuitive set of methods. While he finds the information Dr. Brennan and her team uncover to be valuable clues, he often finds their means overly convoluted and restrictive, and prefers to add his own intuition and knowledge of people to it; as a result, his methods often clash with Dr. Brennan's scientific, objective, and analytical approach.

Booth is offered the opportunity to further serve his country in Afghanistan. He is offered a promotion to Sergeant Major and a position as an advisor to the Afghan National Army who are being trained by coalition forces to take an increased role in battling Taliban insurgency. According to the unit patch on his uniform shown in the episode "The Mastodon in the Room," he is assigned to a Special Forces group. He is also shown wearing a 101st combat patch, Special Forces and Ranger qualification tabs, and Combat Infantry, HALO, Air Assault and Parachutist badges.

He is a religious man by nature, having been an altar boy as a child. He knows some Latin and is still a practicing Roman Catholic, seeking to atone for the lives he took as a sniper and since through his work in the FBI. While in the Army Rangers, he was apparently tortured, leaving him with emotional and physical scars.


Canon: He is expecting a child with Temperance Brennan. He currently has a son named Parker from an ex girlfriend.

Seeley is open for verses just send me a PM.

Seeley Booth is not my property, neither is David Boreanaz. David belongs to himself, and Seeley belong to his creators who created the wonderful show Bones.

[Muse and mun over 18.]

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